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August 29, 2017

3 Steps to Packing Lunches Like A Pro

*This post is sponsored by Yoplait Multipacks, however, all content and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

It’s back to school time and although my toddler isn’t school age just yet, we’re still always on the go in the fall.  Rather than stopping for fast food between activities, I always make sure to pack a lunch for Mason.  Packing lunches can be seriously time consuming (especially packing for multiple kiddos) but it doesn’t have to be!  Follow these 3 steps to better organize your refrigerator and start  packing lunches like a pro.

  1. Clean out your refrigerator- Go through your fridge each week before you go grocery shopping.  Get rid of anything old/expired as well as any leftovers that weren’t eaten the week before.  After cleaning it out, quickly wipe down the shelves.  (Seriously, do this. Having a clean fridge will make you feel 100x more organized!).  After you’ve cleaned out the refrigerator, take inventory of what you have and make a shopping list of what you need to replenish for the week.
  2. Shop smart- When shopping for lunchtime staples, think smart about packaging.  What’s going to fit easily into the space in your refrigerator?  For example, my family is huge on yogurt.  We all eat it everyday so I always make sure to stock up.  Rather than buying single yogurts that are hard to contain and organize in my refrigerator, I purchase Yoplait Multipacks from Walmart.  I get 8 yogurts in each pack (2 of each flavor for variety… Strawberry & Peach and Strawberry & Strawberry Banana are our favorites!) and they come in an easy to open box.  The box opens on the top so you can easily see what flavors are left and when you need to stock up again.  Even my toddler is able to pick out his yogurt thanks to the smart new packaging!
  3. Organize- Think about creating a kid-friendly space.  Mason loves to help pick out what he gets in his lunch so by organizing the lunch snacks in a kid-friendly way, it makes packing his lunch go a lot quicker!  Grab a few bins to keep smaller snacks together and place similar items in the same basket.  We keep all of the lunch snacks on the middle shelf so they’re eye level for my two year old and easy for him to see what he wants.  I let him pick one item from each basket, a drink from the top shelf, and a Yoplait yogurt from the bottom shelf (in addition to a sandwich that I’ll make).  I’ll switch up what kind of snacks we have each week but I typically keep a vegetable (celery, carrots, etc…), string cheese, apple sauce, pre-packaged fruit cups, and fresh fruit for him to choose from.  I have the same type of system going on in our pantry, too, so he can quickly choose from the dry snacks as well.

I probably should have titled this “4 Steps to Packing Lunches Like A Pro” rather than just 3 steps because the fourth step is totally to hide from your kiddo and enjoy a Yoplait yogurt without having to share 😉 but seriously… next time you’re at Walmart, I’m telling you that you need to give the Yoplait Multipacks a try!  You will thank me later 😉

Once your fridge is organized, it’s easy to keep up with each week and makes packing lunches so simple!  Now you don’t have to stress about packing lunches and you just might be able to get your little ones to help you out!  😉  I can’t believe it’s already time for back to school… what are your other tips for creating a quick + easy back to school routine?

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