April 11, 2016


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Hi there!

I’m Erin. Wife to Jack and mama to Mason.  Welcome to my little space where I share bits of my life with the help of my two lifelines–caffeine in the AM and cuddles in the PM.

I created my blog as a way to share my journey through motherhood.  During pregnancy and postpartum I stumbled across the mommy blogging world and fell in love with how helpful and open these women were.  These women, many of whom I never met, made me realize I’m not alone and helped me find my place as a mother.  I decided that this was something I wanted in on and sharing my journey as a mother quickly became a passion of mine.  My goal of Caffeine & Cuddles is to share my life–struggles and successes alike–in the hopes of helping at least one other mama out there.  I hope to connect, encourage and uplift other women and mothers through my blog and social media.   On Caffeine & Cuddles you’ll see plenty of parenting tips/tricks, style, beauty and more!

Thanks for stopping by!

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