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November 16, 2016

At Home Spa Day

DIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facial

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My weeks can be pretty crazy.  Between running errands, doing housework and chasing my toddler around I’m exhausted by the weekend!  I’m always both mentally and physically drained and in serious need of some me time.  Thankfully, I have a hubby who lets me take time out of the weekend to pamper myself.  While I would love to hit the spa every weekend that’s unfortunately not possible for me.  So, I figured that if I can’t go to the spa I’ll bring the spa to me!  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite products to share with you my routine for an at home spa day.

DIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facialDIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facial

  1. Cleanse // Remove your makeup and prepare your skin for your spa day.  I have been using micellar water recently to remove my makeup and I love it.  (This micellar water is my go-to).  Pond’s Cold Cream cleanser is an all time favorite to remove makeup as well.  (I highly suggest this for anyone with dry/sensitive skin.  This also removes eye makeup so easily!)  Then, I use Cetaphil cleanser with my Clarisonic to get a good, deep clean.  Cetaphil is the holy grail of facial cleansers for me but if I’m trying to be sensitive of the ingredients in my cleanser (especially when I’m pregnant) I’ll go for this one instead.  I also like to use these wipes (c/o) to make sure my eye makeup is totally removed.
  2. Steam // This is so important!  The steam will soften your skin and opens your pores for better product penetration.  I usually drape a towel over my head and sit over top a steaming pot of water.  You can also soak a towel in hot water and place it over your face to steam.  Be very careful though!
  3. Exfoliate // I like to use this organic brightening scrub.  I feel like it really cleans out my pores which is what I’m going for here! Dr. Brandt’s also makes a great microderm scrub (that smells amazing!) but it’s definitely on the pricey side.  This is also the step that I would use a pore strip to really get rid of any dirt under my skin.  I’ve been using the Formula 10.0.6 Down to the Pore strips and highly recommend them.  Biore makes a great charcoal pore strip as well.
  4. Hydrate // Make sure you hydrate your skin with a good mask!  There are so many masks I love and but I just tried this one recently and it was great.  It’s also super cheap!!  Another cheap, single use mask that I love is this pomegranate revitalizing sheet mask. I love that it’s boosted with peptides to help plump up and increase your skin’s resiliency.  I also swear by GlamGlow. It’s a little bit on the pricey side but you definitely get what you’re paying for.  The Cucumber Gel Mask Extreme Detoxifying Hydrator and the THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment are my favorites. While I’m masking I usually relax and paint my nails or catch up on TV I missed throughout the week.
  5. Tone // Toners give your skin pH balance.  Cleansing your skin throws the pH balance off so your skin tries to work harder to restore the balance which can cause excess oil.  Using a toner will help restore the balance quicker.  It also helps to shrink pores and add a layer of protection to your skin before other products are applied.  I swear by this toner.  It’s my favorite!
  6. Replenish // Make sure to give your skin back some oil.  When we wash our faces we strip them of the natural oils our skin produces.  You don’t want to drown your skin in oil but apply a few drops on your skin, especially in your dry areas.  I just tried this maracuja oil and have been loving it so far.  Coconut oil also works really well!  If you’re doing this at night, this is where I’d also apply any serums I’m currently using.  This serum is a favorite of mine and I’ve been dying to try out this one from Clarins.  
  7. Moisturize // I’ve been using this moisturizer for years and you’ll probably never convince me to switch to anything else 😉  This one is a little bit cheaper, though and is definitely a close second!  Make sure to apply your moisturizer all over your face and decollete.
  8. Set // I just came across this mineral facial spray from Evian (c/o) and I’m obsessed.  After everything I just did during my spa day, I definitely want to set it all in my skin.  The mineral water spray mists your face and allows your skin to absorb beneficial minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, along with water to hydrate.  Not only do I use it after my at home spa day but I also use it multiple times everyday.  I love to give a quick spray after I finish my makeup to set it and make it last longer.  Also, it’s such a necessity if I’m traveling!  My skin can get so dry so fast and a quick spritz of the facial spray will relieve the dryness and make it feel hydrated again.

DIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facial DIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facial DIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facial

One tip for you- take your time with this!  Not only to enjoy every moment of pampering yourself, but to give your skin time to really soak in each step rather than just layering products on.  I also make sure to pour myself one of my favorite spa beverages- fruit infused water.  I love to infuse water with lemon, cucumber and mint.  It’s so refreshing!

You’ll feel like a brand new person after pampering your skin.  I try to find the time to give myself an at home spa day once a week so I highly suggest trying to do that as well!


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DIY Beauty: At home Spa day. 8 Simple Steps for a DIY at Home facial

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  • Sheila

    I need to do another at home spa day! It’s been a while but I always feel so refreshed after. I’ll have to check these products out that you mentioned!

    November 17, 2016 at 11:29 am Reply
  • Rachel

    I’ve seriously been neglecting all self-care regimens 🙁 Seriously. I have SO many products I can use (and where the heck is my clarisonic!?). I just need to remember to take care of myself! Thanks for the reminder!

    November 17, 2016 at 11:02 pm Reply
  • Lindsey

    I love this, Erin! Your tips were helpful to me, as I feel like I’m in a skincare rut! I need all the help I can get…thank you! 😉

    November 18, 2016 at 6:18 am Reply
  • Jessica

    I can never actually get to the spa these days, and I never thought to have a little spa day at home! Thanks for the great idea!

    November 18, 2016 at 6:35 pm Reply
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