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November 1, 2016

At Home Teeth Whitening

How to Whiten teeth At Home FAST with Visible results

I’m going to let you in on a little secret here… I am a crazy person when it comes to teeth!  A smile is the first thing I notice about someone’s appearance so I’m pretty obsessive when it comes to my own.  Growing up, my teeth were HORRID.  Like, adult teeth way too big for my mouth coming in in every which way.  They were bad.  Actually, bad is an understatement but you get the picture!  Thankfully, my mom recognized this and made sure I had braces. I was definitely self-conscious about my smile but two phases of braces later and I love smiling.  Smiling’s my favorite! (name that move 😉 ).  But it’s no secret that I love my coffee and my wine so keeping my smile white is a struggle.

I’ve probably bought every at-home teeth whitening product there is over the years but everything made my teeth super sensitive (or just plain didn’t work).  I regularly brush with a whitening toothpaste but I wanted something more.  About a month or so before my wedding I went into total panic mode.  My teeth definitely weren’t yellow but I wanted them to be as white as possible for my wedding photos.  I searched Pinterest for DIY methods but none gave me the results I wanted.  I called around to dentists to see their rates but the average teeth whitening at a dentist can cost anywhere from $450-650… Yuck! Luckily, I came across Smile Brilliant and all my smile worries melted away.

How to Whiten teeth At Home FAST with Visible results

Smile Brilliant offers an at home whitening system with custom-fitted trays.  Did you know that the secret to whitening your teeth is actually what device you use to hold the whitening agent on your teeth?! That’s why many of the drugstore whitening products might not work properly!  Nobody has the same tooth size or shape so a “one size fits all” doesn’t work for teeth whitening.  Makes sense, right?  The other products might use similar whitening ingredients as Smile Brilliant but the custom-fitted trays make sure that every part of your tooth is covered.

So how can you possibly get custom-fitted trays at home?  Easy!  When you first receive your whitening kit you also receive molds.  You simply mix the catalyst and base pastes together and place it in your trays.  Bite down on the trays and hold for 2 min 30 sec then take it out and make sure you can see the impression of your teeth. Let your impressions completely harden (I left mine out overnight) then mail them back to the lab in your pre-paid envelope!  After the lab receives your impressions they will make your trays and ship them out to you within five business days.  Seriously, it’s SO easy!

How to Whiten teeth At Home FAST with Visible results

Once you have your custom-fitted trays you can start whitening!  Just take out one syringe of whitening gel and apply a thin line of gel across the trays.  Depending on your sensitivity you can leave the trays in your mouth anywhere from 45 minutes-3 hours.  After your whitening time is up just brush your teeth!  I was really worried about sensitivity after whitening but Smile Brilliant offers desensitizing gel too.

Did you know that most people have sensitive teeth after whitening?  It happens because your teeth become temporarily dehydrated during the whitening process so their ability to insulate the nerves from temperature change is reduced.  The desensitizing gel blocks pores and allows your teeth the chance to rehydrate.  After you brush your teeth just apply the desensitizing gel the same way as the whitening gel and leave it on for 15-20 minutes.  Read more about tooth sensitivity and prevention HERE.

How to Whiten teeth At Home FAST with Visible results

I really can’t tell you enough how easy this whole process is but on top of how easy it is, the results are insane.  I’ve used so many different whitening products but Smile Brilliant was the only one that I noticed visible results after the FIRST USE.  And, the only one that I experienced ZERO SENSITIVITY with.  Every time you whiten more stains are removed from your teeth so be patient!  Normally, for average stained teeth you will see results after 7-14 applications.  Here’s what my teeth looked like before and after 10 whitening applications:

How to Whiten teeth At Home FAST with Visible results

Crazy, right?!  But now for the fun part… a GIVEAWAY!  I love how great Smile Brilliant worked for my teeth and I want to give one of you a chance to feel confident with your smile, too!  Smile Brilliant is giving away $139.95 store credit so you can get your own whitening kit!  $139.95  store credit will get you 1 tray kit + 6 syringes of your choice (3 whitening + 3 sensitizing – I recommend! or 6 whitening **1 syringe = 3-4 applications) plus free domestic shipping (USA).


*giveaway will run from 11/1/2016-11/15/2016 and winner will be randomly selected

If you want to order a kit from Smile Brilliant make sure to use code “caffeinecuddles5” for 5% off!  Your kit will come with very detailed instructions but feel free to check out this video too to see how to whiten your teeth at home!

Happy whitening!

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*Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.  For more information please visit my disclaimer page.
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