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July 12, 2017

Bump Update // 20 Weeks

Bump Update // 20 Weeks

Oh hey there!  I feel like it’s been forever since I posted anything because totally has.  I took a (much needed) break from blogging at the beginning of my pregnancy and boy did it feel good.  Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely love to blog and this little outlet of mine is a dream but I was getting a little bit burnt out.  So, I finished up the posts that I had already agreed to take on and took a break.  I spent a lot of time focusing on being present in everyday life but also took some time to reflect on my blog and think about its future.  I want to create content that I’m passionate about and make it the best that I can for you.  I found that when I stopped taking on new collaborations, didn’t pay attention to an editorial calendar and posted what I wanted, when I wanted to social media not only did I feel at peace but you guys loved it, too.  You may not have even noticed that this was intentional but I received SO much positive feedback about what I was currently posting which really confirmed that this was the right move for me.

So now that the first trimester exhaustion and nausea is well behind me (knock on wood 😉 ) and I have a clear idea of the content I want to post moving forward, I’m ready to jump back in.  So I just want to say thank you for your patience with me.  And thank you from the very bottom of my heart for following along–it truly means the world to me!

Now, onto the fun part of this post 😉 

My 20 week bump update

2o freaking weeks.  Y’all… I’m halfway there already!

When is your due date? November 28, 2017

How big is baby? The size of a banana!  About 10.5 ounces and 6.5 inches crown to rump (10 inches head to toe).

Boy or girl? BOY!  I was a little bit nervous at first about having two little boys (okay, I’m still scared haha!) but I am SO excited for Mason to have a little brother so close in age!  I’m also so excited to officially be a boy mama.  Plus, I actually feel like I kinda know what I’m doing with a baby boy now so that makes me a little less nervous!  Oh- and the fact that I don’t really have much to buy is pretty great haha  #handmedownsforlife

Do you have a name picked out? Yep!  Well, a first name.  My husband is set on a middle name and I do really like the one he chose but I’m just waiting to see if there’s anything I think of that I like more.  Does that make sense? I’ll share the name we picked soon 😉

How are you feeling? Pretty good for the most part.  I haven’t been feeling nauseous since my first trimester and my energy is starting to come back so that’s good!  But my back has been killing me and I have the worst heartburn.  Other than that I’m feeling great.

Food cravings? Baked potatoes with cheese and tacos (not together though!)  I’m pretty sure I’ve made tacos at least ten times in the last month… I wouldn’t be surprised if my husband was secretly sneaking out for takeout because he’s so sick of tacos haha.  

Feeling movement? All the time now!  It’s one of my favorite parts of pregnancy.  I’ve been feeling baby boy’s kicks and hiccups for the last few weeks but my husband just felt him for the first time a few days ago!  

Maternity clothes? Pretty much everything new I’m buying is maternity but I’ll definitely still be squeezing into my pre-pregnancy clothes as long as possible 😉

Sleep? What. Is. Sleep… ?? Hahaha but seriously… the pregnancy insomnia is REAL.  On top of constantly waking up for bathroom breaks I wake up around 3-4 AM almost everyday and lay there WIDE AWAKE for at least an hour.  Not fun. Especially when I know I’ll be up in a few hours with Mason.  Luckily my wild toddler still takes naps so I’ve been squeezing in a nap with him when I can.  

Anything you’re nervous about? Leading up to my anatomy scan, I was SO anxious all the time.  A little backstory for you — when I was pregnant with Mason, I got a call from my OB a few days after my anatomy scan to inform me that he had an echogenic bowel and shortened long bones.  There was a laundry list of things that could be causing both of these, including Cystic Fibrosis, Downs Syndrome, early onset IUGR, CMV and even skeletal dysplasia.  We ended up meeting with a genetic counselor to hopefully get more answers and after a few painfully long weeks were able to rule out most of the more serious genetic disorders.  His bowel ended up clearing up on its own but he was still SO small. He was growing at an appropriate rate which was good but he was under the tenth percentile which deemed my pregnancy high risk.  Having a high risk pregnancy was extremely stressful and I never knew what to expect.  Based on mine and my husband’s sizes, my doctors assumed that Mason was healthy and just a small baby but of course they couldn’t be sure until he was born.  So to err on the side of caution, we continued with weekly ultrasounds and twice-weekly non-stress tests while hoping for the best but preparing ourselves for the worst.  Mason was only 5lb 7oz when he was born but he was PERFECTLY HEALTHY.  All of our prayers had been answered and our sweet boy was absolutely perfect!  However, I felt like I had spent my entire pregnancy worrying.  So, leading up to my anatomy scan with baby #2 I started getting incredibly anxious about receiving the same results.  Thankfully, baby #2 is completely healthy and absolutely nothing on the ultrasound appeared abnormal.  He actually measured a few days AHEAD which is huge to us.  I know it’s only a few days but Mason always measured weeks behind so those few days are a huge relief.  Now I’m probably just going to worry about delivering a huge baby 😉

So there you have it!  I seriously can’t believe that I’m already 20 weeks… this pregnancy is flying by!

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