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May 23, 2017

Toddler Wish List

This post is sponsored by The Baby Cubby, however, all content and opinions expressed are honest and my own.

Anyone with a toddler will tell you that their life is nonstop.  The toddler stage is just SO busy!  They are always running around, exploring, climbing, and getting into things they’re not supposed to haha.  Basically, you can’t take your eyes off them for more than 30 seconds without creating total chaos.  Thankfully, there are so many amazing products and resources out there that simplify things to make the days easier for both you and your little one.  So today I’m rounding up some of the top items to have on your toddler wish list.

Bath Time

Bath Mat– Bath mats are essential when you have a toddler that constantly wants to stand up and move around in the tub and I am OBSESSED with the Boon Ripple Bathtub Mat. Mason never slips and there are holes that let it drain properly as well as hooks to hang it up on your shower head to dry.  If you’ve ever had a bath mat that doesn’t drain or isn’t easily able to hang up, you know how quickly they can get absolutely disgusting.  I have absolutely no problem with keeping our Boon mat clean and I know that there’s nothing yucky collecting under our mat since I can hang it up after each use!

Spout Cover– Again, toddlers don’t just sit in the bath.  They’re always trying to move around so having your spout covered up is crucial so they can’t bump their heads!  I actually received the Skip Hop whale cover for my shower and haven’t had any other one since.  It stays secure on the spout and is also easy to pull off and clean.

Drain Cover– My little one has recently become obsessed with trying to shove things (specifically, bath crayons) down the drain.  To give myself a little piece of mind, we use the Boon Star Drain Cover.  I also love that unlike the metal drain covers, it doesn’t stick up and potentially injure my little guy.

Bath toys– Bath time is our favorite time so I could go on forever about which bath toys we love (which is all of them, by the way).  To keep things short and sweet I’ll share with you Mason’s all time favorite–Boon bath cogs.  There are so many different ways to rearrange them and pour water over them to move them.  I swear that Mason would spend hours in the tub playing with these if I let him!  I actually take them out of the bath and put them on the fridge while I’m cooking and he stays entertained where I can see him.  


Carrier– Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier– this carrier is a little more pricey but worth every single penny.  It truly grows with your child and can be used from birth (with the infant insert) for babies at least 7 lbs up to around 4 years old (up to 33lbs).  I have a different brand but have had my eye on the Ergobaby one forever! It’s a total wishlist item for me.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my carrier!  It’s so handy for when your toddler is feeling clingy but you need your hands free.  I always keep my carrier in the car so if Mason falls asleep while I’m running errands I don’t have to wake him up to go in a store. Having a quality carrier is important, too, because you need something that will support you and your toddler.  Not only do I feel that my little guy is safe but I can wear it for longer periods of time with his weight distributed properly so that my back and shoulders don’t ache.

Baby bag- finding a baby bag for the toddler stage isn’t an easy task.  You don’t need as much as you did with a younger baby (or maybe you’ve just realized you don’t need to pack your entire nursery for an outing anymore haha!) but you still want something that has enough room for a change of clothes, snacks, etc…  Personally, I love the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back diaper bag.  I’m a huge fan of the backpack style to keep my hands free and this one has so much room without feeling too bulky.  I’ve had this bag for about a year and still love it but I’ve also heard great things about the Ju-Ju-Be BFF bag as well.  Baby bags are another thing that I think it’s better in the long run to spend a little bit more on because you get your money’s worth out of them!

Backpack– I always use a backpack style baby bag so I picked up a little backpack for Mason so he could be just like me and he loves it.  The Skip Hop Zoo Backpacks are perfect for toddlers looking to tote around some of their favorite toys as well as those kiddos getting ready for preschool.  There are so many adorable little animals that there will definitely be one that your toddler will love.  

Meal Time

Cups– I’m kind of obsessed with the Boon Snug Spouts.  They transform any regular cup into a sippy cup which is pretty much genius!  The Puj PhillUp kids cups are a great option for toddlers that are a little bit older and more independent.  They have a grippy hook to hang on the fridge so that your child can help themselves.

Placemats– I’m going to totally skip over regular plates and go straight to placemats.  If your child is anything like mine, you’ve dealt with a million flipped plates haha.  I almost always opt for the EZPZ Mini Mat or EZPZ bowl so that my little one can no longer throw a dish off his plate.  They make clean up so much easier and are a definite must have for toddler parents!

Snacking– Pro-tip: if you’re going shopping with a toddler, bring ALL THE SNACKS!  Seriously, this is probably the only way I keep my sanity when I have errands to run!  I love the Boon Snug Snack Containers because those little toddler hands can still reach in to grab their snack but they can’t dump out the whole container (total mom-win).  The Skip Hop Grab & Go food storage tower is also a great option, especially when you want to bring a variety of snacks but don’t want to take up a ton of space in your bag. 


Outfits– I’m not even going to get into outfits because I could talk for days!  Instead, I’ll leave you with a link to the cutest boy and girl clothing including brands like Kickee Pants, Rags to Riches, Rylee and Cru and more. 

Shoes– I am a moccasin addict.  There I said it. Haha!  Seriously though, in my opinion, every toddler needs a good pair.  I had been hearing about Freshly Picked for close to a year until I finally bought Mason his first pair and they are honestly as good as everyone says, if not better.  They’re so well made and hold up through everything. Freshly Picked moccasins are more of an investment piece for your little one but you’ll truly get your money’s worth out of them.  PS- the classic colors are all a little bit cheaper 😉 (FYI- Mason is wearing a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins in all of these photos)

Play Time

Books– Books are huge in our house.  Mason’s library is huge for a two year old and he’s constantly bringing me books to read to him.  I’m also always looking for new books to add to his library. I recently grabbed The Jungle Book because I loved the illustrations but soon realized how amazing the entire BabyLit collection is. BabyLit turns classic books and novels into children’s books with the cutest illustrations.  I’m definitely going to be getting more of these for Mason!

Wooden Toys– Of course Mason loves all of the popular character toys but I love getting him cute wooden toys!  They just seem so classic and honestly, hold up much better than plastic.  We have quite a few of these little Hape Toys cars and trucks which are the perfect size to take along pretty much anywhere.  A few others on our wishlist are this camera, block puzzletool boxwagon, and bowling pins.

All of the items I shared today can be found at The Baby Cubby.  The Baby Cubby is located in Lindon, UT as well as online at  Of course there are plenty of retailers to find items for your toddler but The Baby Cubby is my go-to because it isn’t just another baby store.  Their team is made up of parents who have understand how tough parenting can be but are passionate about helping other parents be the best they can be.  Not only does The Baby Cubby price match (even Amazon!) and offer free shipping nationwide, but they also offer amazing resources such as guides to choosing the best car seats and strollers based on your needs, gear guides for diaper bags, baby wearing, breast feeding, etc…., top Cubby Picks (the best products based on countless of hours of research on product comparisons, customer reviews, consumer reports, product warranties & testing products), and the Cubby Community Blog which tackles some of the toughest parenting subjects.  The Baby Cubby team understands that parents don’t have time for products that aren’t the best and safest so they are actively engaging with their customers in the store, online, on social media and their blog to truly help rather than just sell more “stuff”.  Be sure to check out The Baby Cubby here!  

What are your favorite toddler items?? Leave a comment below to tell me what’s on your toddler wish list!

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