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May 2, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!  I decided that every Monday I’ll post a quick little weekend recap on the blog.  This time of the year is so much fun but super busy!  From now until July there’s only ONE weekend that we don’t have at least one thing to do or place to be so this will be the easiest way to keep up with what we’re up to!

Because of Jack’s work schedule our weekends are a little backwards!  Our weekend starts on Friday morning and is over by 5:00 pm on Sunday when Jack returns to work.  It’s a huge difference but we kind of love having all day Friday off to spend together!

This past Friday was a relax day. Mason has been teething like crazy constantly.  Seriously, the kid is 14 months and had 12 teeth!  He’s been super fussy and been getting sick on and off so we just took it easy for the day.  Mase and I woke up at our normal time and went along with our regular morning routine.  He takes his first nap around noon so I took him back to lay with his daddy for nap time while I binge watched Scandal (totally obsessed with it by the way!).  We hung out for awhile, got some running around taken care of, and came back home to hang out all night.  Mason fell asleep early but woke up a few hours later sick again from those dang teeth so the end of our night wasn’t so fun! 🙁

Mason’s Rain Boots | Whale Spout Cover | Dot Bath Mat


Saturday we ran around ALLLL day.  I had a ton of shopping and cleaning to do and the day totally flew by.  Thanks to a lot of coffee I got the house cleaned in the morning so we could spend the afternoon running errands.  Saturday was really not exciting at all… but that’s real life! We went out for Italian ice and custard in the evening and kicked back on the couch the rest of the night.

PS- we LOVE snapchat and these filters!! Mason loves the puppy dog and I totallllly over snap our days.  Follow along with us! username: erinmcmahon

Mason’s Shirt | My Romper: TJ Maxx (last year- no longer available) | Mason’s Shoes

Sunday was the best day!  It was Mason’s Dedication day at church.  We do not do a traditional baptism as we believe that as parents, we must dedicate our child back to God and promise to raise our baby to have faith.  Once a child is old enough to choose God for themselves they will then be baptized.  It was such a special day and our families came to be a part of our day.  After the service our families came back over to our house for lunch & to hang out.  It was such a nice day to spend with our loved ones!  My faith is such a huge part of who I am so dedicating my baby to God was so great. Jack went back to work Sunday evening so Mason and I played all night long until it was time for our bedtime routine then we cuddled up on the couch until he fell asleep 🙂

My Jeans | Jack’s Shorts | Jack’s Shoes | My shoes- Piperlime (before they closed- no longer available)


Our weekend flew by but we had such a nice few days!  The next couple weekends will be busier for us so make sure you’re keeping up & make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post!  Have a great week my loves!



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